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Classic Full Set

A 1:1 technique where one extension is placed on one individual lash. This is perfect for clients who are trying out extensions for the first time as well as clients who want a natural look. A full healthy lash line is recommended for this service to avoid the appearance of gaps.

Hybrid Full Set

This is a technique where a mixture of handmade fans are mixed in with individual classic lashes to give a nice textured look. This is great for clients who like a little more volume but don’t want a blacked out lash line.

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About us

Hi Gorgeous! My name is Daya and I am the CEO of Goldnn Beauty! I have been lashing for 2 years as of November 2022 and this journey has been amazing! I provide luxury lash services in CT as well as quality lash products. My business was created from the last $600 I had to my name during the Covid-19 pandemic. With discipline and consistency, I was able to turn that money into a successful business that has serviced over 450 clients and generated over six figures.

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