Classic Full Set

A 1:1 technique where one extension is placed on one individual lash. This is perfect for clients who are trying out extensions for the first time as well as clients who want a natural look. A full healthy lash line is recommended for this service to avoid the appearance of gaps.

Hybrid Full Set

This is a technique where a mixture of handmade fans are mixed in with individual classic lashes to give a nice textured look. This is great for clients who like a little more volume but don’t want a blacked out lash line.

Volume Full Set

This set is created by applying all handmade fans to create a dark lash line. Can be as long or as short as you desire at no extra cost. This set is darker than a hybrid. 

Mega Volume Full Set

Wider handmade fans are used to completely black out your lash line. Can be as short or as long as you'd like at no extra cost!

Wet Set Full Set

This set is created using closed fans. It is slightly darker than a classic set but lighter than a hybrid set. It gives the illusion of your lashes being wet and wispy!

Freestyle Full Set

I have complete control over your entire set. This means you have no say over what I do on your lashes. I may or may not add color. I may or may not add glitter. I may or may not make them wispy. If there is anything you absolutely DO NOT want, please disclose it before we begin.